Lake Lorman

A Private Community in Madison County, MS
Standing Committees
Additional Committees Established by Board of Directors


The Board of Director shall, at their first meeting following the annual meeting of members, appoint the membership of six standing committees.  Each of these committees, with the exception of the water and sewer committee, shall be comprised of one (1) member of the Board of Directors and four (4) additional members of the Corporation, and are subject to approval of the Board.  The six standing committees, and their responsibilities, shall be as follows:

Water and Sewer:
Assisting the Lake Lorman Utility District in the development and implementation of plans for installation, maintenance, and improvement of a water distribution system and a sewage collection and treatment system serving the members of the Corporation and act as liaison with the Lake Lorman Utility District, and will consist of one member of the Board.

  Liaison     Tony Tharpe  
Repairs and maintenance of the roads of both Lake Lorman and the small Lake.

 Chair   Carter Clarke
 Member - Gate 7    Rebecca Broome
 Member - Gate 7    Mark Warren
 Member - Coker Road    Kevin McBrayer
 Member - Gate 3   Ray Robertson
 Member - Gate 7   John Marchetti
Clubhouse/Social/Beautification Committee:
Maintain, repair and improve the Lake Lorman Clubhouse and plan and coordinate social activities throughout the year for the membership of the Corporation.

  Chair - Gate 7

  Diane Pumphrey

  Member - Gate 7

  Allie Elkin

  Member - Gate 7  

  Kay Watts

  Member - Gate 5

  Kimberley Thigpen  

  Member - Gate 7

  Kathy Warren

  Member - Gate 7

  Rebecca Broome

  Member - Gate 7

  Karen de Kock

Lake and Dam:
Maintain and improve the condition of Lake Lorman and the small Lake, including the dams.  Patrol the Lakes for safety and to prevent unauthorized or improper use of both Lakes.

  Chair - Coker Road
  Bob Mills
  Member - Gate 6   Barry Dickerson  
  Member - Gate 1   George Thrash
  Member - Coker Road  
  Earl Hankins
  Member - Gate 7   Woody Nance
  Member - Gate 7   Luke Andries
Provide one or more names of qualified persons willing to serve for consideration by the membership for any position which is to be filled by vote of the membership.

  Chair     Diane Pumphrey
  Member - Gate 7     Karen de Kock
  Member - Gate 7     Kelsey Daniel
  Member - Gate 3     Mandy Robertson  
  Member - Gate 7   Liz Woodward  
To publish and distribute a periodical newsletter to the membership of the Corporation which shall, among other things, advise the membership of the plans and progress of Lake Lorman and such other general news as may be appropriate.

  Chair - Gate 1
 Candace Powell
  Member - Gate 7     Kelly Dickinson 
  Member - Gate 7    Allie Elkin
  Member - Gate 7    Kay French
  Member - Gate 2  Nancy Mills
  Member - Gate 7    Bill Jones   
  Member - Gate 1   Penny Thrash
  Member - Gate 2  Libby Marley
  Member - Gate 7
 Glenn Sanford

In addition to the foregoing, the Board of Directors may establish such other committees as it may deem appropriate.

No improvements of any kind shall be erected or the erection thereof begun, or changes made in the exterior design thereof after original construction of a lot, until plans and specifications according to which construction or alterations will be made have been submitted to and approved in writing by the aforementioned Board. The Board reserves the right to inspect or have inspected, during construction, any building in order to insure compliance with submitted plans.

  Chair     Bill Hulett 
  Member - Gate 7   Diane Pumphrey
  Member - Gate 7     William Wright
  Member - Gate 7   Nancy Jones
  Member - Gate 7   Beth Dean

Trust Agreement for Specific Street/Road/Drainage and Maintenance at Lake Lorman Ten Year Plan.  Advisory Committee of Three to Oversee:

This long term project demands continuity of leadership and oversight, therefore the Board selects 3 persons for this Advisory Committee to remain in office for the life of this Trust Agreement. This Advisory Committee will present a plan each year outlining the specific section of the roadway to be repaired and get a contract proposal for that specified work then present that contract to the then current Roads Committee. 

  Advisor - Gate 7     Barry Woodward  
  Advisor - Gate 7     Lucky Chaplain  
  Advisor - Coker Road     Clint Brantley  

Archives and History Committee:

Organize and maintain the existing Minutes, Legal Documents, Covenants, By-Laws, Lake Rules and Regulations, etc. into an easily accessible filing system to be permanently located in the Clubhouse File/Storage closet.

 Diane Pumphrey 
 Member - Gate Seven   Glenn Sanford
 Member - Gate Seven  Karen de Koch
 Member - Gate Seven  Bob Marsh
  Chair    Glenn Sanford
  Member - Gate 1    Vicki Husband 
  Member - Gate 7    Kelly Dickinson
  Member - Gate 7    Allie Elkin
  Member - Gate 7    Bill Jones   
  Member - Gate 7  Kay French

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